How to Connect the Ryvit-Agent to Viewpoint Cloud

Below you will find the connection steps for Viewpoint Cloud for the Ryvit-Agent

As a Vista Cloud customer, the Ryvit-Agent will need to be installed on a server that you host and connected to Viewpoint's cloud via the TLS Database Endpoint (TLS VPN) or the IPSEC VPN. In some instances, Viewpoint can host the Ryvit-Agent in your cloud environment, however, to do so requires the purchase of an additional add-on “Standard Server” as well as the management fee to maintain the third-party server (payable to Viewpoint). 

If you would like to pursue having Viewpoint host the Ryvit-Agent in your cloud environment, please contact Viewpoint to purchase the additional server and let us know so we can provide additional directions. 

To proceed with connecting via VPN, please complete the following action items: 

  1. Install the Ryvit-Agent on your server 
    1. To do so, just click here to download the RyvitAgent. The wizard will walk you through the installation steps, but if you have any questions about the Ryvit-Agent (installation help, security features, etc.) please refer to our Knowledge Base.  
    2. Your Activation Code: (You will need to get this through Ryvit)
  2. Locate the IP public IP address for the server that the Ryvit Agent is installed on 
    1. From the server where the Ryvit-Agent is installed, open a browser and type “what is my IP address?”. 
      Submit a request to Viewpoint support requesting to set up a TLS VPN with the IP address found in step 2 whitelisted. (*If you are using Zscaler, please inform Viewpoint as part of your request. An alternative VPN method, IPSEC, may be required.)
  3. Set up a SQL user for Ryvit 
    1. Please set up a SQL user in the Viewpoint database per the attached instructions (instructions here
    2. The SQL Username should be “RyvitServiceUser”. 
    3. “Enforce password policy” needs to be disabled on the user’s profile. 
  4. Please respond to Ryvit with the following information: 
    1. DNS Name: 
    2. Database Name: 
    3. Password for the RyvitServiceUser 

Please ensure that the RyvitServiceUser is set up as a Viewpoint Vista User and assigned to all applicable Security Groups. Without the appropriate Security Group assignments, Ryvit will not be able to successfully access your data. Please refer to "Configuring the User" section in the instructions here

As an additional reference, we have included the following FAQ articles from Viewpoint regarding these topics:  

Vista Cloud FAQ: Ryvit (Cloud and Data Connectors) 
Vista Cloud FAQ: TLS Database Endpoint