How to Migrate to Viewpoint Cloud without Breaking Your Ryvit Integration(s)

Migrating to Viewpoint Cloud? Here's what you need to know to ensure a smooth migration with Ryvit.

When your migration is complete, please ask your IT team to uninstall the RyvitAgent from your old server. It's vital that this happens before Viewpoint Cloud installs the agent but not before you're ready for your sync to temporarily be down. The IT team can uninstall the RyvitAgent by using the standard remove program functionality on the operating system. 

Once the RyvitAgent is uninstalled, ask Viewpoint Cloud to install the RyvitAgent and set up the Ryvit user/password. Here are the steps for that: 

  1. Download the Ryvit Agent/Connector
    • Run the installer and follow the wizard/prompts to get the Ryvit Agent installed with permissions to read and write to your Viewpoint database.
  2. The Agent wizard will walk you through the installation steps.
    • The activation code for your subscription is provided by your Ryvit Support Manager. (Don't have a Ryvit Support Manager? Email and let us know what you need help with.) You’ll be prompted to enter this code during the installation process. See Ryvit Agent Installation Guide for detailed steps.
  3. Create the Ryvit SQL user and Vista login with proper permissions.
  4. Email the following information to your Ryvit Support Agent. (We can't test the connectivity without it.)
    1. Server Name
    2. Database Name
      1. Note: if attachment files are saved in a different database, please provide the names of both databases
    3. SQL Username
      1. Note: if applicable, ensure that the SQL user has access to both databases
    4. SQL Password

As soon as Ryvit gets the information above from you, we will test the connection and send verification.

If you need help, please reach out to