Connecting Ryvit to your Spectrum Cloud Environment

This articles reviews all the required steps needed for customers to connect their Spectrum Cloud environment to Ryvit.

Connecting Ryvit to Spectrum will require you to complete a number of steps. It is very important to complete each step. If you have any questions you can reach out to support

Step 1: Connecting to Ryvit and Creating a User

  • Create a user first using the Infolink solution in Spectrum (read Spectrum instructions here) user first. This user will need security level 9 for their access. 
  • Once the user is created, please reach out to Spectrum Support and request they “Create SQL credentials associated to the Infolink user” created in the previous step.  
    • Spectrum will send you a form that will be required to authorize this change. The form will ask you to provide the name of the User and it will ask you to indicate if the user needs Read or Read/Write permissions. We only need Read permissions.  
  • Whitelist IP address.
    • The list of IP addresses to include in the ticket are: 
    • Submit support ticked asking to ensure that “Ryvit IP has been whitelisted in both SQL whitelisting and web services whitelisting 
  • Reply back to Ryvit with the follow
    • Spectrum URL (
    • Database name 
    • SQL username 
    • Spectrum company code 
    • SQL user password (provided by Spectrum) 

Step 2: Data Exchange URL and ID 

Set up your Data Exchange URL and ID. To do so, please follow these instructions. Please provide the following to Ryvit: 

Data Exchange URL and ID 

  • Authorization ID created in Part 2 
  • The URL and Port Number from Part 3 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.